Description of the race



highland fold et straight


It would seem that Scottish Fold existed already    at the 16th century in China, where it was breed     in order to be eaten, being then a culinary speciality ...We have as a proof these two statuettes


Then, we find the traces of this race in 1962 in Scotland, by the discovery of Susie.

 Highland Fold and Straight are the variety of Scottish Fold and Straight with semi-longhairs.

Its hairs is completely different from Persan's Hair (for example), but which requires less maintenance. Despite everything, a regular brushing is recommended.

During the exposures in France, Highland Straight are currently judged like British Longhair, in so far as there is in its pedigree, at least 18 British.

On the other hand, in certain clubs in Switzerland, it is accepted and judged as Highland Straight... for the moment!