Cattery of Lumtourie

 Highland fold

British longhair 

Féline de Lumtourie is World championne since november 2004





My experience started when I had acquired my first Highland Straight in 1994. Indeed, following the death of one of my cats ( Tarzan). I phoned Mrs. Claudine Gerber, to tell him my sorrow. She asked me to visit him, because she had something to show me.

In fact ,it was a surprise for me, I saw a splendid kitten highland straight black and white, and immediately I adopted it. I gave him a second name : Lumtur (what means happy). And  thanks to him  that I created this chattery. 

Two years afterwards, I wanted to offer him a wife. I  turned over to Mrs. Gerber and I found Sorane (I named it Salem, who mean "peace"). It is a very white Scottish fold female. Since, they live happy and have superb babies, who make their pride... and mine...






Last update : 03.07.2005